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The past few days have been a little hectic as I simultaneously unpack from a year at college and re-pack for a summer out West. Preparation for storm chasing is also in progress. The next post will be all about all the different tools I’ll be using.

In the mean time, I will share a little gem I found when I was scouring my room for my window-mount tripod.

Classic. The movie Twister was released May 10, 1996, right around the time this card was made. This is no coincidence, I assure you. Yes, that is a large, bolded “V” character in the top-left. I thought it looked sort of like a tornado.

So the year was 1996. See that URL on the card? It’s from Cape Internet, who provided dial-up access to home subscribers, where “56K” meant “28.8K on a good day”. To get the whole picture, you have to see the site in all its archived glory.

Check out that awesome animated GIF header with dark, rolling clouds and a big lightning bolt. This page has everything: rainbow rulers, pictures of my house, my pinewood derby car and my virtual pet from the game Dogz. It has a hit counter (now defunct) and a personal interest survey. Make sure you visit the old Garfield page, as well.

Whew, what a blast from the past.

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